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Anonymous asked: are we going to hear more about her or see any more pics?

It’s possible, but totally up to her owner.

Photo 16 Apr 100 notes Making it pretty

Making it pretty

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you ever post my asks?

I delete a lot of anonymous asks, mostly for the following reasons:

They are bland/boring

They derail the tone of my blog

They reflect a viewpoint which I disagree with

They are insults directed at me

They ask for sexual attention that an anonymous has not earned


They have atrocious grammar 

Those are the most common reasons anonymous asks don’t get answered by me, if you didn’t see yours listed, then you probably fall into that first category and don’t realize it.

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Anonymous asked: will you post the pic of her crying?

Consent was specifically denied by its owner to post its face.

This particular cunt has apparently had problems with some of the less stable tumblr bdsm elements and he desires that it be free from any harassment other than his own.

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Anonymous asked: who is the tumblr cunt you posted yesterday?

Anonymity was strictly requested as a condition of its exposure.

A shame because I also got a lovely picture of it crying after the beating it so very much deserved.

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Anonymous asked: do you know a way to make a cunts nipples really sensitive before whipping them? she came without permission and she needs to learn her place.

Make it wear coarse sandpaper in its bra all day before the whipping.

Photo 16 Apr 122 notes The kind of bra every stupid cunt deserves

The kind of bra every stupid cunt deserves

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Photo 16 Apr 77 notes Proper cunt storage

Proper cunt storage

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Photo 16 Apr 78 notes Good dog

Good dog

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Photo 15 Apr 58 notes A proper cunt meal time

A proper cunt meal time

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Photo 15 Apr 34 notes normalised1:

She knows better than to ask for a spoon.


She knows better than to ask for a spoon.

Photo 15 Apr 77 notes Where it belongs

Where it belongs

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Photo 15 Apr 327 notes Urinal


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